St Anne’s Square – magnificent development – a poem goes with it

Discovery of St Anne’s

Often passed, unheeded, or
Briefly filling the field of view –
To be forgotten again in an instant;
As a stranger I enter this part
Of our living history, so often passed by.
Yet now these lofty vaults give space
To the intimation of awe.

Carson earned his place here;
A tribute to The Somme Fallen,
Remembered by few.
Stained glass oranges and reds blaze
sun-filled, all shining through in memoriam
To today’s defenders of the forgetful.
Central yet, a shaft of dusty light
Stabs down from the Cross Window,
Pointing to God’s table.
Here is your peace, Ulster,
Here the forgiveness of your bloody loughs of ignorance,
The calling hounds of history at bay.
I am here.

Moved, I step blinking back into the life
Which goes on, another piece of the mosaic
Which makes this my home having found its place.
by Philip Ralph Johnston


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