The moist weather hereabouts gives everyone the excuse they need for an extra 20 minutes in bed. What to do, what to do…Eating in bed is fraught with difficulty. Do you balance the tray on your knees or swivel 90 degrees to the bedside table each time you reach for a tasty morsel? Just be extra careful if you are sharing your breakfast in bed with a loved one. A careless extension of a limb could send hot food flying.

I usually take up a position either on the very edge of my side of the bed and swivel. But occasionally I like to perch at the end of the bed reading the papers spread out on the duvet. A well presented tray sends a message that you care enough to put a flower in a tiny vase, heat coffee to the precise temperature that your partner enjoys and have chosen your food items with love. Brioches, croissants, muffins all melt in the mouth and should be warm enough to pervade the bedroom with an aroma to delight the nose. Butter or marge should be spreadable. You should aim for perfection. It is a time for intimacy, the quiet sharing of the day’s beginning. The dreamy languid state of awakening has to be nurtured.

You could chuck down an Ulster fry and slurp your way through the heart attack stodge, but is that what you really want? Maybe, but in my opinion an Ulster fry is not really for the bedroom. It is dining table or kitchen table fare. The elbows need to rest firmly on a flat surface with knife and fork held proudly vertical in each fist. Meat is primal and to devour your black pudding, devilled kidneys, bacon and sausages, the table is the perfect altar for the sacrificial offerings.

But the breakfast in bed is an entirely different concept. The succulent juices of fresh fruit dazzle the mouth and cleanse the tongue. Mango is ideal, but whatever takes your fancy – bananas add a frisson of playfulness, particularly if unpeeled and arranged with plums or peaches. The obvious can be amusing and enticing. Why not bring all the senses into play? Food can be tactile. Handling the soft downy skin of a peach and savouring its curves and heaving ripeness is a pleasure to be shared.

A warm room, subtle lighting or a view to inspire the day’s beginnings…



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