chilli fest

Chilli Fest was slicker this year. There was one large stage  where I watched Urban Voodoo Machine blast out rhythms on two large drums accompanied by brass and electric guitar. The house should have been rocking along with their energy and enthusiasm, but I think the crowd had sunstroke, too zonked to clap or tap or cheer – maybe it was the beer. I liked the small bands that played on the periphery last year – different set up this year – lots of stalls but music confined to the main stage, unless you were going in for the helium karaoke.

Here’s the lyrics to The Real Criminals by The Urban Voodoo Machine

Poverty breeds violence
And violence breeds revenge
When hope goes out the window
And your troubles don’t seem to end
You know the Devil’s got work for idle hands
You can get yourself a job
You got nothing left to lose now
They’ve taken all you got

Oh oh who are the real criminals?
They have taken your soul
Who are the real criminals?

History is written by the winners
And you know that it’s a lie
All those promises
Came from a Judas in disguise
So here we go again
Another conspiracy
One man’s wealth
Becomes another man’s misery

So you can fight back
Or you can lay down and cry those bitter tears
Learn to know your enemy
Learn to face your fears
They’ve corrupted your mind
And you’re walking in line

They’re the real criminals
All that hope was false


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