2012 – by the neck

Auld lang syne is over now for another year. Should old acquaintance be forgotten? I think it is often for the best, particularly those that have gone off and are beginning to smell rank.

Acquaintanceships (dictionary.com’s definition helps out with the French derivation – loosely interpreted as those guys in the corner) that are still fresh, or that can be refreshed with ease, should certainly not be forgot. Young children should be shuffled off to bed long before the bells chime and the corks pop. The revelry may be raucous or perfunctory but must always have an acquaintance or two involved. In my own case, the different beverages conspired to have me rambling off on monologues that the youngster kindly monitored and steered with amusement whilst others yawned, guffawed and soaked up after the midnight hour. Some cognac, sauvignon blanc of NZ delicacy, malt whisky,  Argentinian malbec and why not a pina colada old boy? Oh yes, the memory of all that comes painfully to mind. No sympathy please – ‘self inflicted’ doesn’t deserve it.


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