Change or Status Quo?

How do you persuade a world community, if such a thing exists, to change the predominant triggers and levers crudely summarised as: fear, selfishness, instant gratification, greed and the belief in the superiority of certainty?

Perhaps that’s taking on too many windmills to tilt at. But in an ideal world we should at least have a go at improving the zeitgeist, give it a feel good factor, so that everyone can appreciate where they are in the overall plan.

Richard Dawkins explained how helping others also paid off and was in our own self interest (The Selfish Gene). Stephen Hawking explained quantum physics and the uncertainty principle (A Brief History of Time).  Erich Fromm gave us To Have or To Be. Most religions advocate tolerance towards others of different worldviews or faith.

So why are people queueing up for sprint races in droves, rather than looking forward to the vistas that present themselves to the unblinkered runners that have the stamina for marathons?


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