Is it good or evil? A plant that may be wild or unattractive, is often uprooted and burnt. The aroma of burning weeds can be nauseating and an insult to the gods. Sacrificing a goat is not so easy these days, but if barbecued meat is your thing,you’ll know where I’m coming from.

The debate about weed (in its more youth-centred parlance) trundles on with shifting viewpoints about medical and psychological ill effects. Politicians admitting or denying whether they inhaled, does not raise the quality of the argument either for or against. MS sufferers have been allowed to use cannabis as a form of pain relief. Californians have been rushing to find illnesses that they can adopt in order to be exempt from prosecution and obtain ‘legal’ weed. The Dutch are fed up with stoned tourists clogging up Amsterdam and are taking measures to restrict the sale of weed to foreigners.

Hemp is a material that is legal in more countries than the stronger forms of cannabis because of its diverse usage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp

How can we protect the vulnerable from harmful drug usage, and still offer responsible adults a choice about their lifestyles that does not trample all over their freedom?

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