Youth – wasted – on the young

Rejoice rejoice sang Bertha Noyce

I have discovered the secrets of youth!

She kept them on the mantelpiece and let them gather dust

Her friend advised her use them now – you must, oh yes, you must!

 But Bertha scorned her friend’s advice , thinking her uncouth

A burglar stole them with some jewels and gave them to his missus

She promptly asked her hubby dear  Tell me just what this is

I dunno, but it looks fun, let’s give it to our Freddy

Who cuddled it in bed at night, along with scruff and teddy

Teddy chucked it on the floor, it rolled under the bed

Youth was stunned, his pride was crushed, a bump upon his head

Youth lay there for quite a while in cold and dark despair

Listening to the children play with scarce a thought or care

For what it is that they will lose and never can reclaim

But play on children have your fun – life’s a vicious game




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