Can you hear me Neil Armstrong?

One small step, one giant leap…Neil Armstrong, the iconic figure, the perfect sound bite.

David Bowie’s album in 1969 captured the feel of space exploration, the journey into the unknown with huge risks taken by pioneers such as Neil Armstrong.

There was something surreal about sitting around the family television set and watching men walking on the moon. Conspiracy theorists can take a running jump and see how weightless their arguments are.

Click on the image for more info about Earth’s Moon.

Here’s the link to the BBC’s On this day (21st July 1969)

Collaborative space exploration is now a symbol of the benefits of glasnost and the removal of the iron curtain. Although we still have dictators as world leaders, their exercise of power has to be more circumspect because their repressive actions are open to public scrutiny.

North Korea is out on a limb, trying to use rocket technology as a way of strengthening its arsenal – there’s always one pillock rocking the boat isn’t there? I blame that Rousseau character – the notion that the state knows what’s best has given us Stalin, Hitler, Robespierre, Putin, Franco, Pinochet, Castro, Tito, Pol Pot and many others who have tortured humanity.

See random thoughts page if you are interested in democracy and freedom – and why wouldn’t you be?


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