Friday feelings

Oh what joy, what utter bliss. Thursday has given way to Friday like a courtier bowing in the presence of greatness.

All powerful Friday needs no courtiers. It is the people’s champion raised shoulder high and carried into the arena of weekending with the roars and whooping of a feverish mob. Let the anticipation begin. What drunken revelry and debauchery can be conjured up in the spirit of excess?

Bungee jumping on acid, daredevil kite flying, eating your own weight in offal, staring at the television until it switches itself on, wrestling with eels – it’s all been done before. What novel distraction will kick off this Friday evening? Swimming through raw sewage for charity, a fast food crawl for bulimics,  a 48 hour blind-folded marathon along clifftops… or will a few pints, a couple of bottles of vino collapso and the easy company of fellow alcoholics satisfy the need to celebrate having made it through another working week? Probably.


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