Karaoke Christmas Chow Mein

A bit early for thoughts of Christmas? Not at all – the next big break, the carrot dangled tantalisingly in front of the work horses.

So, where to go for the office shenanigans?

Our lot have responded favourably in the main towards a Chinese restaurant with karaoke. You tube will be full of our antics I’m sure. Egg nog, cava, shots, wine, beer and a Chinese banquet. Jackson Pollock comes to mind.

But which song to pick so that you don’t make a complete prat of yourself?

High notes should be avoided, complicated lyrics are out, and anything that only sounds good with loads of electric guitar or a full orchestra. Click on the Pollock for tips.

What about a karaoke coach to take us all home afterwards? No, probably not on – the hardened hedonists will have only just got started on a night of bars and boogie, and I might be among them.


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