Autumn is here and there are nuts to be had already.

Cobnuts from St George’s Market Belfast present a culinary quandary. has some helpful suggestions.

I had thought that roasting would be a good start and then maybe adding them to ice cream or some sort of sauce.

Click on the squirrel for BBC gardening tips.

The squirrel is a fine example of cross stitch work. Now you might think that cross stitch is only for the likes of wrinklies with little to do – but you would be wrong. Throughout the land there are fine young women creating masterpieces of cross stitch work.

It’s a bit like whittling without the chips of wood to clear up. Unless you happen to be sat on a wood stump or other aid to seating in the outdoors, in which case tidying up after a bit of whittling is unnecessary.

Whistling as one whittles or cross stitches is pretty controversial. I would caution against whistling anywhere apart from outdoors (whether in the throes of cross stitching or content in one’s whittling).


Tuneful whistling is hard to achieve. Roger Whittaker was a master practitioner of whistling – but the novice whistler can irritate as much as fingernails on chalkboards.


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