I have deserted Delia. I’m sure she won’t mind too much, because at heart I will always apply her words of wisdom to the culinary arts. Si and Dave have me enthralled with recipe suggestions, their latest piece of genius is their low-fat take on carrot cake – Moist Carrot Cake with Sultanas.

carrot cake

Obviously I didn’t use sultanas, they’re hard to get around here – well alright, the nearest Co-op didn’t have any. Substituting sunflower oil for butter or margarine worked well. No nutmeg, so I used all spice. Delia was perched on my shoulder telling me to sift the self-raising flour from a height to get some air into it. Si and Dave cautioned against over stirring the final mixture, job done – 25-30 minutes in the dodgy oven and it turned out fine.

My colleagues at work will be the judge of this second variation of the recipe. They play guess the ingredients, just to humour me, but I think they will struggle with my latest substitution for sultanas. Mr Lactose Intolerant seemed to enjoy the last one. Ms Gluten Nothankyou will have to wait for me to get hold of some gluten-free flour. Who would stock it in Belfast I wonder… well, how silly of me Al Fresco sell it online. A sack will be arriving this Saturday at lunchtime.


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