Sunday Roast with Rugby and Superbowl

How to have the traditional Sunday roast dinner Hairy Bikers style … with peppers and garlic in the roasting tin with beef and root vegetables.

The beauty of slinging a roasting tin loaded with meat and root vegetables into a hot oven, is, that apart from basting to keep things moist, the cooking is dead simple.

At the weekend, my son and I sang Flower of Scotland shoulder to shoulder as England dominated the Scots. I sang Bread of Heaven and Land of my Fathers to no avail, as Ireland put on a bravura display in the first half. Molly Malone stayed silent in the second half, as the Welsh got their act together. Sunday saw the French humbled in Italy and one of the quickest tries scored in the 6 Nations. Solo un giorno che non va for the visitors.

Supperbowl XLVII in New Orleans was spectacular as Ravens flew past 49ers, we supped on hotdogs and American fries, Southern style. A corndog would have been nice with frothy  pints of amber fluid, or some Jacked up coke(?) with nachos slathered in salsa, cheese, jalapenos…what about New Orleans cuisine? Gumbo or Jumbalaya sounds good. The youngster had staying power and persuaded me to stay up ’til the small hours so that we watched an amazing game decided in the last 2 minutes of playing time – 3.30am GMT – McNulty would have been ecstatic, I was knackered.

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