Rainy day in London Town

London is a great place to lose yourself. My one-day,all zones travel card saw me visit William in his railway arches in Bermondsey. The cheese guru was hard at it in his cool railway arches, but offered to cook me lunch and introduced me to his co-workers.

My travels took in the Tate Gallery, which is undergoing a major transformation, and the Festival Hall, where not much was happening.

I stopped in the gardens  outside the Houses of Parliament to grab a bite. 

The Burghers of Calais bronze sculpture has gone, the baguette of John took their place.

burghers of calais

Those Burghers were offering themselves to the English king,whose army had besieged the city. They faced execution, but were prepared to lay down their lives to save their fellow citizens.

No sign of Barclay bike riders today, it must be a fair weather thing.

It’s hard for me to get good photos on a dull day, but I had a go.

London Eye and Carousel 18 March 2013

I’m heading back to Belfast today  I should have slept more when I had the chance…ah well.


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