Les vacances en France

Before I easyjet my way to Bordeaux (where Michel de Montaigne played his part in local government during turbulent times) I thought I’d pen some more twaddle.

Luckily I managed to delete my first attempt at picking up where I left off by hitting a key that obviously detects words poorly constructed and removes them. It was all about family and our hopes for each other with a bit of Montaigne’s ‘mental imperturbability’ thrown in to make it seem clever.

France 2013 French Lavender

The family reunion should be a good chance to taste what summers are all about – warm, sunny days relaxing with loved ones. The location couldn’t be more idyllic – a converted farm-house in the Dordogne with a river at the end of the garden. The nearest village a 15 minute cycle away, with a cafe to sit outside and watch life unfold.

I haven’t been back to the poetry group’s monthly sessions, but I haven’t written anything in quite a while. The bunker I was hiding in has finally been liberated, which is not to say that I won’t be retreating back there if things get sticky again.

Well, that will have to do for now…I’m sure there’s more twaddle in me if I dig on the surface for a bit longer, so I’ll try to stick with it. God help you, if you are waiting patiently for my own brand of tripe.


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