Weekly Writing Challenge: Carousel Blues

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Tigger had been annoying me all morning. I had had enough. If he thought I was going to ride him round and round all day, he had better think again. Pooh tried to comfort me and let me have some of his honey, but I am still very cross with Tigger.

So I’m sitting here with my back turned waiting for Tigger to apologise. And then the strangest thing happened. A woman came into our playground with my favourite teacher, Mrs Milne. She told me that there was going to be a film about Winnie the Pooh and his friends and they wanted me to act in it. Well I’ve never done any acting but Mrs Milne said that didn’t matter, all I had to do was be myself and chat with Christopher Robin when we were on set.

Mrs Milne said she was going to ask my mum if that would be alright and that I would be off school for about 2 weeks.

Winnie the Pooh has been my favourite story since I don’t know when and the chance to be in a movie with Winnie and all his friends made my heart beat really really fast. I asked Mrs Milne if she was joking and she said “No, this is for real.” The movie’s director was the woman in the playground with her and she just stood there smiling at me and nodding her head.

After a while the woman told me her name was Stephanie and she thought I’d be great in the movie and that it would be a lot of fun. Mum had spoken to Mrs Milne on the phone and I was all set to be in the movie when Tigger opened his big mouth and said “I don’t want to be in the movie with her, she’s horrid!”

Stephanie just laughed and Mrs Milne looked a bit surprised at first but then she started laughing too. Winnie the Pooh told Tigger to be quiet or there would be trouble. He didn’t say what sort of trouble, but he didn’t have to.

Last week Tigger had been annoying everyone on the carousel by jumping up and down which made it very hard for anyone to ride on his back. Winnie the Pooh got very cross with him and stopped the carousel while he went to have a word with Tigger. In the end Tigger agreed not to do any more jumping if Winnie the Pooh would stop singing his silly songs. That did it. Winnie the Pooh was very sensitive about his singing and said that if Tigger didn’t like it, he could go somewhere else, because from now on he was going to sing his songs as loud as he could and anyway they weren’t silly.

Owl had flown in just as Winnie the Pooh had told Tigger to be quiet. Stephanie was startled to see Owl swoop onto the carousel, but lifted her fancy video camera and started filming.


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