Still poetry

There was a one day workshop in Belfast over the weekend organised by the Community Arts Partnership. I went along and found the event bursting with enthusiastic talent. We were encouraged to dig deep and wrench words from personal places within ourselves that ordinarily stay shrouded in modesty. The writing exercises were inventive, pacey and good fun.


The theme of the workshops was ‘Still’ or stillness which is part of the Poetry in Motion project. Hopefully I will find something to submit that I’m not too embarrassed by. During one of the workshops I found some words about the stillness that can be experienced in a crowded space. I might go with that and see what emerges.

St George’s market sounded like a good idea for lunch. A Spanish food stall was offering paella which looked inviting. I had been duped into thinking that the huge skillet with rice and prawns and mussels was being heated. Unfortunately it was all for show and my paella was microwaved to a lukewarm disappointment. My companion writers were chatty and easygoing, so there was a pleasant interlude from the intensity of the workshops.

The parade that day had been heavily policed, but did not affect my return tootle on the bike as I hurried to attend my niece’s birthday party. A helicopter kept a lofty vigil, a less frequent occurrence in Belfast these days.


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