decisions decisions

I thought I was going to write a poem about the tube and the comfort of strangers – based on the poetry in motion theme of stillness…well, maybe. But all that jostling, strap hanging and sweaty armpits doesn’t create such a wonderful bubble space even on the longest journey.

tube crowd

On the other hand, a thought came to me about being becalmed – a sailing term that brought back memories of crewing in my brother’s Enterprise sailing dinghy near Hammersmith Bridge about thirty odd years ago.

I could get all artsy here about the contrast between calm and storm, high tide and low tide, background and foreground … but I won’t. The use of the word juxtaposition by my brother back then was ironic, making fun of some of his art tutors at college and the pretentious agonising over what his pictures really meant.

Obviously, my studies took me into the realms of aesthetics where quality hogwash is written about conceptual space, the interaction between artist and audience, what each brings to the aesthetic experience and so on…a lot of it very interesting and quite relevant to the famous play ‘Art’. Tolstoy thought that art should somehow have a purpose that could be defined, something along the lines of improving those engaged with it, by that action.

Anyway, if you take a look at the odd ode or two page, you’ll find something about a sense of stillness.


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