A Walk in the Park

Natural beauty is pretty awesome and at this time of year it’s a right show off. The Botanic Gardens in Belfast have such a variety of trees with leaves that are golden, green and rust coloured, that the eye is dazzled by their setting next to lush lawns and Victorian buildings. Roses are still in bloom and we have yet to experience the shift in wind direction from Southerlies to the harshness of bitingly cold Northerlies.


I’m still getting to grips with my camera phone – I haven’t worked out the zoom function, if it has one – but here is a snap I took yesterday.


Slowness is essential for the enjoyment of your surroundings. Cycling gives you the option of zooming through the boring bits and getting off your bike to savour the good stuff.

I can never understand people who travel in boxes to great locations (beach, panoramic views from hills or mountains etc.) and then continue to sit in their boxes looking at the world framed in windscreens. Sights, sounds, smells and touch are what makes the experience live in the memory. So get on your knees, touch the floor, smell your fingertips, close your eyes and look within…all together now, ommmmm.

sink to the ground



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