3 minute blog

So little time this morning – well here goes. Yes it was a great weekend for odespinner. it started gently enough with a family meal at home, then cabin fever gripped me and shook me out the door, ostensibly for a walk, but in my heart I knew there was going to be booze and a late night taxi. 

DC was at one end of the bar and I whinged on about this and that for a bit util the Tigers fans came in with stripes on their cheeks. My father was a Leicester rugby supporter and used to take us to the game against the Barbarians on the day after Boxing day. So it wasn’t hard striking up a conversation with the visitors. As soon as I moved on to whisky I knew it was approaching home time. My taxi driver waffled as he drove and, nearing home he proudly announced that he was a racist…

Having mildly rebuked him for his failing I offered him the fare, which he refused rather puzzlingly. There nowt so queer as folk.

Saturday was laundry day followed by a family get together. Very relaxing although I may have caught a dose of verbal diarhaea.

Sunday the young Montalbano and cava – great combination. 


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