I had a mosey over to the Ulster Museum yesterday, which is a fun thing to do before the pubs open (1 pm on Sundays). Their current art exhibition is well worth a look. I liked the large portraits of Kenneth Branagh and Tyson Furey as well as a couple of the abstracts. I sat and watched the audio-visual stuff for about 5 minutes and left none the wiser. There is a play area where children of all ages can build using sugar cubes. The kids I saw there seemed to be enjoying themselves – I prefer Lego, more colours and motors and little people etc. but the colour white encompasses all colours and lets the light reveal whatever hue is appropriate for the oeuvre.

St Anne's Square

I wandered over to the MAC but it wasn’t open. It is a shame how few places of interest are open on a Sunday in Belfast. A day of religious observation has its merits, but it does make life dull for those of a different cultural/spiritual persuasion.

Multi cultural societies have the advantage that when the Christian shops are closed, the Moslem ones are open, and vice versa.

The Ulster Museum after its relaunch introduced a new enlightened set of opening hours including Sunday as an open day. The idea that families, tourists, students and Joe Public like to visit museums and galleries on their day off which might be a Sunday, Friday, Saturday or Bank Holiday Monday is not too hard to grasp. What is hard to fathom is why it is taking so long to accommodate them at other less enlightened venues in Northern Ireland.


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