Someone in their 50s often sits and ponders. What’s it all about? How do we know what we know? Is there a God? That kind of stuff. The act of putting those thoughts to paper clarifies the ideas and the arguments that have perplexed people through the ages. Montaigne shared his thoughts in a very relaxed style of essay writing, modestly sharing a wealth of knowledge and sound judgement.

René Descartes chose a style commonly used for religious meditations/thoughts. His six Meditations invite the readers to put themselves in the place of the ‘I’ in the narrative and enter into the debate. A bit like an artist inviting the viewer to enter into the conceptual space, in order to get the full benefit of an aesthetic experience.


I found a quiet corner in the John Hewitt to skip read the  Cambridge University Press copy of Descartes Meditations, and read more thoroughly the introductory essay by Bernard Williams. Hopefully, I will be able to discuss the themes of this work with my son when we next meet. Although, I will not be too disappointed if he wants a break from philosophical banter.

The fiddle playing was melodic but the screching of the old crones finally got to me. I wandered off in search of a bus and found one.


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