Popular culture – an oxymoron?

One often despairs at the ignorance of youth. I was minding my own business in Filthy McNasty’s the other night listening to a fellow called Mark Graham strum his guitar and sing popular songs. All very gemütlich until some wassock plonked himself in front of the musician beseeching him to play something by Paul Weller.

There was quite a difference in age between the beseecher and the majority of revellers in the bar. The young filly in front of me looked suitably confused. I asked if she knew who Paul Weller is and received an answer in the negative. Hardly surprising you might say, he is after all quite ancient – 55 and the father of 7 children.

paul weller

But one would have thought that a song like a Town called Malice would have made an impact throughout the decades, even this far North. I hurriedly downed my tumbler of old Growler, grabbed my walking stick and carved my way to the nearest exit. Some faux pas are simply too unbearable. Tant pis I was beginning to enjoy the live music pounding in my ears.


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