Ethical trading

Some parts of the world manage the separation of government and religion better than others. In  multi faith and no faith societies all citizens hold equal rights not to be bound by laws based exclusively on a particular religious or non-religious viewpoint.

Ethical choices can be made without reference to a mystical higher power.

scales of justice

The difficulty most of the world’s poorer nations face is the superior force of multinational corporations. The exertion of that power is strategic and focused on one principle, profit. As a motivating factor, profit is hard to beat. Who doesn’t enjoy getting the better part of a deal?

The myth that everybody wins keeps on being trotted out, despite the ease with which it is possible to discover the true state of affairs. If reading is too laborious for movers and shakers, there are plenty of harrowing pictures of sweat shops, child labour, sex slaves and the destruction of eco systems motivated by the lust for money.

The Co-operative Society is just one of many ethical organisations who continue to trade whilst maintaining a world perspective that takes no part in the excessive exploitation of poorer nations, or the destruction of species in order to pillage their habitats. It is a shame that they have had to sell off their banking arm.


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