I know the last blog may have been a bit confusing, apologies. It was a rather amateurish attempt to widen my reach. WordPress supply stats that show where on a world map your blogs have been viewed. The most glaring hole in my readership is China. I do not suspect this to be a communist plot or an act of censorship. Who could accuse me of subversion or, heavens to Betsy, obscenity?

sky lanterns

In that case, all the tags and categories that have titillated readers from Canada to India, the Phillipines, Japan and so on must have been of no interest to 1.4 billion Chinese people. If Koreans and Japanese are coping with the Latin script, it can’t be just a language thing. The lost art of whittling must leave the average Chinese web surfer cold, Jenga’s new rules incorporating projectiles – of no interest whatsoever, and an ode that puns Essex with Ethics – the cue to move on.

It smacks of desperation to tailor my blog to an imagined reader, so I will cease and desist. Although I will cast an eye on my Geostats and carry on wondering if other blogs have holes in their world maps.. or is it just me?


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