Mooc Day One – Who am I?

I have signed up for a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Me and about 8,000 other moocers (?) “Identity, Conflict and Public Space” sounds interesting from a local perspective. There are plenty of opportunities here in Belfast to examine social identities and the conflicts that arise when differences are not respected..

The course is well structured and the site is easy to navigate with lots of useful tools. I have reached the 5th chunk out of this week’s 20 chunks of learning. The course started today and already the digitally verbose have flooded the site with comments. There are mentors (as well as the academic staff) on hand to respond to even the most banal enquiries.

I am off to answer the tricky question – who am I?

dog tags








Well, apparently I am unusual for a Northern European in that my self-identity makes me fit in the collective and relational categories more than the individual category. Before I rush to have my DNA analysed, I will try to understand a bit more about identity. The 20 answers to who am I? will be part of future online discussions.

I have posted one comment online about my son’s rapid acquisition of a sense of tribal identity – “why are they in our area, dad?” (He was only 9 at the time.)


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