Scottish women – indecisive?

union flag







The referendum on Scottish independence may be a close call. The majority of registered voters are women, and apparently most of them are still undecided. It is hard to be critical of any wavering because the consequences of a split with the rest of Britain are not predictable with any accuracy.

Economically people are wondering what happens when North Sea oil dries up and what would be the result of ditching the pound Sterling. The ability to control the public purse might be an advantage, but would there be radical changes in store for health, education and military spending?

Indeed what would happen to the Scottish regiments, naval bases and air squadrons? Would they still have any allegiance to the crown?

I suspect that the undecided are more concerned about what the effect of a split would have on the family budget and if they are storing up troubles for their children and grandchildren. Would the cost of separating all the administrative functions, relocating  staff and employing more public servants outweigh the advantages of an independent Scotland?


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