Aimlessness – is there any point?

walking evolution





There is a pub on the north side of Putney Bridge in London that had a sign that said something like “sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I sit and drink, and sometimes I just sit”.

As a philosophical mantra it encapsulates human behaviour. The examined life would have us reflect on how we are doing, is life living up to our expectations? The modern task driven individual may well have mapped out some objectives in their life, and be keen to examine personal performance indicators. Those who are just getting on with it, may rarely examine their own lives and yet will occasionally stop whatever onerous activities put bread on the table just to do nothing for a bit.

The inaction has positive benefits, allowing our minds to wander and our muscles to relax,

However, walking for no purpose may have greater benefits and has been the subject of academic research at Stanford. My only gripe with most walkers is the vigorous nature of their walking. Amblers and strollers are my kind of people. A leisurely stroll is a real tonic and should be conducted without musical accompaniment.


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