Animal behaviour


Two male penguins are rearing a chick that was abandoned by its parents at a Kent wildlife park. And the foster chick has apparently helped the two Humboldt penguins with relationship difficulties. The Daily Telegraph reported the park owner as saying the unlikely pairing “had been fighting frequently” but are “getting on well again” since the chick’s arrival.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror has photographs from northern Kenya showing a baby elephant holding a “vigil by its dead mother’s side”. The five-month-old orphan reportedly refused to leave the adult, which died of a twisted gut, forcing rescuers to tranquilise the animal and take it to an orphanage before it fell victim to predators. []

A South American plant that is famous for ensnaring and killing sheep to feed off their carcasses has blossomed on a campsite in Cornwall.The bristling puya chilensis plant, which is known for catching sheep in its native homeland in central Chile, flowers only every 15 to 20 years, the Royal Horticultural Society said. []


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