You can go off people

hands amnesty image

I went off on a bit of a rant this week. I should stop looking on the news pages for inspiration, all I find is a sad indictment of human cruelty. A lack of tolerance and understanding masquerading as righteous propriety.

This only goes to remind me that we put up with monsters that have seized power by force, and we don’t know how to respond internationally. Sanctions are pretty useless when the bodies are piling up.

I must renew my membership of Amnesty International, a small price to pay for the work they do. Human rights are trampled on all over the world, but we should not let that deter us from shining a light on atrocities and injustices.

This is not a cultural issue. There have to be fundamental rules that govern human behaviour worldwide. How we persuade all nations to sign up to that, and enforce their adoption is problematic. Despots and the unscrupulous will find no difficulty ignoring moral imperatives to treat people decently.


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