Election time – bring out the whackos

election posters

Northern Ireland is festooned with posters of political candidates hoping to get elected to local councils and the European Parliament on 22nd May 2014.

Susan Anne White is standing as an independent in the new Fermanagh and Omagh district. She is campaigning on what she says are the three most serious threats to society – the “destructive” homosexual agenda, the growth of Islam and the “money-draining” EU. “I don’t consider myself extreme at all,” Mrs White told the Belfast Telegraph.

If elected, and given the power, she would criminalise homosexuality. She holds some peculiar views about the influence of rock music and is very critical of the work of the poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy. Good Christian butchers in her part of Ireland will be relieved that she is prepared to do battle against the threat of halal meat.

Meanwhile Sinn Fein is likely to do well in the European elections, despite Gerry Adams arrest and 4 day questioning over the McConville murder. They are likely to take 3 of the 11 European seats in the South.

Arresting politicians in Northern Ireland doesn’t do them a bit of harm and may increase their popularity. The roll call of politicians arrested since the 60s includes: Peter Robinson for attacking a Garda station in County Monaghan with a loyalist mob, Ian Paisley for unlawful assembly (and embarrassing behaviour in the Vatican city), Gerry Kelly for obstructing a police vehicle during a demonstration, Bernadette Devlin for participating in the Bogside riots in Derry and John Hume for obstructing Her Majesty’s Force’s in Derry who were confronted by demonstrators.

The Alliance party office in East Belfast continues to be attacked by the type of people who wrap themselves in the union flag and can only say two words in any political debate – no surrender.

The Conservative party have as much chance of winning votes in Ulster as they have in Scotland.


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