Searching for hope


The tragic news that the yacht Cheeki Rafiki had been found with its life raft onboard will allow the sailors’ families to grieve now. It’s a shame that it took a petition to get the search resumed, but we should be grateful for the efforts of the US Navy helicopter that found the yacht, the private boat owners in the area who took part in the search, and the US Coast Guard.

I can’t imagine anything worse than fearing that a loved one might be adrift in a vast ocean with only a feint hope of being rescued.

Those young men were doing what gave their lives meaning. Sailors recognise the power of the sea that can turn from millpond calm to gales with waves the size of tower blocks. The danger is respected and acknowledged, but it is also part of the attraction. Harnessing the forces of wind and currents to travel the oceans is a dream for most people, and we envy those who get to live their dreams.


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