garden arch of bushes

Our back garden was badly neglected for quite a while until the youngster returned from university. He has weeded, levelled, mowed, trimmed and generally made something out of the wasteland.

There is an arch of some kind of shrub/bush, which I like to take the credit for, but the youngster has a different opinion. We have grass down the far end which is a space that gets plenty of sunshine, so gets used to hang out laundry.

The area near the house that is not paved has been planted with flowers. A grass path has been laid underneath the arch. This gives a very pleasant view from the kitchen and dining room. On sunny days we can sit out under the shade of an Ikea parasol, which is a must for us fair skinned types.

As usual, I get the creative tasks. Having shifted a year or two’s wine and beer bottles to the Recycling Centre (courtesy of my favourite Welshman), I have moved on to the more eclectic mix of broken sheets of glass, mirror, and smaller dumped items. Having sorted and binned, as only an alpha male can, I have replaced the huge, black plastic sheet that stops the weeds taking over near our oil tank. 

Beyond the black plastic sheeting, the youngster has planted an assortment of edibles in a small bed: carrots, an apple tree and other stuff that I think has plastic labels. He favours the raised bed and has already constructed a professional looking plant box with scrap timber.

By the way, the photo above is not our garden…ours looks a bit tidier.


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