Different people

albino model

I am constantly shocked that there are those who perceive difference with fear and hatred.

The latest jolt to my system is the killing of albino people for their body parts. Witch doctors in Africa claim that potions made from  an albino person’s legs, hair, blood and hands  can make you rich. The murder of children and adults in Tanzania and Burundi is still going on because of this belief. The fear that albinos are cursed and bring bad luck on their community makes them extremely vulnerable.

Hope is to be found in the election in Tanzabia of an albino MP, Al-Shymaa Kway-Geer, who was nominated by the country’s president to lead the crackdown on witch doctors who encourage the killings.

For those who look beyond myths, curses and skin colour prejudice some facts about the condition are available on this website called Demystifying Albinism


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