Curmudgeonly behaviour

christmas poster

Having cooked a pre-Christmas dinner I had probably quaffed my share of Barolo ( a bargain at £12 a bottle). So my grumpiness had a root cause, although alcohol consumption and a poor sleep pattern do not exonerate me from my surliness.

Obviously I’m not going to accept the full blame, so here goes my plea for the defence…I hand delivered a Christmas card to a family member and was held up to ridicule for not having written her name on the inside of the card (along with our good wishes, signatures and kisses which we had included). Now her name was written in full on the envelope and the card would have been posted if I had had her address.

So  the question I’m asking is – does everyone put the name of the recipient on the inside of their Christmas cards if the name’s on the envelope? If so, I will start the flagellation and say no more about it. If not, I will lodge an appeal and risk further opprobrium.

My appointment with the Oximetry Testing department at the City Hospital in the new year may be a blessing for all who have had to put up with my grumpiness. Maybe all I need is to breathe easier in my bed…fat chance with 42 extra pounds sitting on top of my breathing equipment. New year’s resolution – ditch the obesity.


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