All I want for 2015

The Guardian carries a story today on 10 things that would improve life in 2015. Toilets are representative of poor sanitation and they report that in India 665 million people do not have access to a private toilet. A vaccine for Ebola is being fast tracked as the death toll exceeds 7,000.

Meanwhile in central London Love Action protesters are trying to regain entry to a magnificent RBS building they had squatted. A judge had modified an eviction order so that they could lay on a Christmas meal for 50 homeless people. It’s getting windy on the streets of London.

Stem cell research in Cambridge paired with a university in Israel has produced human eggs and sperm from skin stem cells. This will further the understanding of genetic control of aberrant cells common in the aged and may enable the protection of reproductive cells from chemotherapy.

A very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year to anyone taking the time to read my blog.


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