Mobile blog #4…Saturday stuff

I woke very early today, listened to the radio for a bit and then, realising that sleep was over, got up.

Last night’s dishes washed and put away, I was ready for some creativity. Potatoes, carrots, cucumber, trout fillets and cava seasoned with coriander and ginger. A gentle simmer to soften the sliced potatoes and the long wait until lunchtime.

One more full day in Surbiton and then we fly to the frozen North. A short visit, but I feel as if I’ve had a break from routine and spent valuable time with my family.

My teeth are crumbling with age and I really should avoid any sweets containing toffee. Obviously I ignore my own good advice, so I managed to remove a lump of tooth or crown from my mouth last night. I hope I can get an emergency appointment with my dentist on Monday because the crater where there used to be tooth is irritating.

I wasn’t able to hook up with my friends, Kev and Bill, this trip but have quaffed decent ale with our eldest and listened to his exploits vividly narrated. Today is shopping for clothes and shoes day up West (central London). I will be opting out. I have done my time in that part of town when I worked in New Bond Street, and Sale fever leaves me cold, or hot and bothered might be more accurate.

I will try downloading some photos in a bit…so watch this space.


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