My mouth has been causing me pain recently so a trip to the dentist was overdue. The anaesthetic hadn’t worn off when I left the dental surgery, but I was in need of sustenance. There’s a welcoming watering hole in West Belfast ironically named the Felons where the the Guinness is good and the prices very reasonable.

I holed up there for a while with my pint and a whisky and watched the pool players for a bit. Then I fiddled about with my phone browsing news stories on twitter and looking at the daft stuff on facebook. Duly fortified and the face beginning to feel more normal I headed home for lasagne and vino collapso.

Just as a postscript, the new NHS rules entitles me to replacement crowns, but if they have to remove the tooth, I cannot get bridgework done unless I pay a private dentist to carry out the work…let’s hope I’ve enough nerve left in the tooth for a new crown.


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