Bill of Rights


I wonder what progress has been made in establishing a Bill of Rights for people in the UK…

Here are some of quotes from the UK parliament’s website:

“In 2007 the Labour Government began to consult on building on the Human Rights Act to create a Bill of Rights. Other political parties have also called for a Bill of Rights. There are consequently various models for such a document, each of which has a significantly different meaning.”

“There are also certain devolution issues which would need to be overcome if the HRA were to be repealed. How would a new Bill apply in Northern Ireland, which has been working towards its own rights framework? Would the Scotland Act 1998 need to be amended, as currently the Scottish Parliament cannot pass legislation which is incompatible with the HRA?”

“A Bill of Rights might also be brought forward together with a new written constitution. This could entrench constitutional legislation and allow the courts to rule legislation unlawful. Gordon Brown raised the possibility that such a document might be published in time for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta in 2015. ”

That anniversary is fast approaching, and legislation that would ensure the fundamental rights of people in the UK does not appear on any UK party’s electoral manifesto as far as I am aware.

Is parliament dragging its heels because it is opposed to restriction of its actions, or is there a lack of agreement on what constitutes a fundamental right?

These videos on human rights might be of interest.


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