same sex marriage

Talkback is the local phone-in radio show and Stephen Nolan encourages the usual suspects to come up with controversy. Gay marriage found callers divided on whether it would break 5 of God’s 10 commandments (?), or Christians should wake up and join the  21st century.

A logical argument would not get much air time, unless it could be dressed up with high emotional outpouring. But if two people in a loving relationship want to make a legally binding commitment to each other, does it matter if they are the same sex?

The religious lobby may argue that marriage is at the heart of family, and that procreation between husband and wife is the only natural way of producing children.

But that model of families is not universally accepted. Few people feel the need to marry in church. Plenty of marriages end in divorce with access to children shared. Many married couples choose not to have children, others adopt or foster and some find that IVF is their route to parenthood.

Given the varied nature of family relationships and parenting, an equal society should have no difficulty recognizing the rights of gay people to marry, foster, adopt and raise children in a loving relationship.Statistical evidence provided by Cambridge University researchers shows that children raised by gay couples are more than likely to prosper.

Some people have a hard time embracing a new outlook on society, and are affronted by this assault on their traditional values. However, equal rights should not be withheld because it offends the sensibilities of some people of faith. The state should be there to protect all its citizens from discrimination.


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