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I must stop listening to phone-in radio shows. The Minister, and successor to Ian Paisley at the Martyrs Memorial church in Belfast, was pressed by Stephen Nolan on a couple of points. To the question “do you believe that the power of prayer can convert someone from gay to straight?” Rev Dr Ian Brown finally answered “yes”. He also stated that he was in favour of making homosexuality illegal again.

The Minister’s tirade against homosexuality can be listened to in greater depth online. There he wages propaganda war against the LGBT community which he describes as a ‘protected species’. Comparing the campaign for equal rights with Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda against Jews is a wicked distortion of the truth. Goebbels advocated in 1933 “we must exterminate these people root and branch; the homosexual must be eliminated.”

In a further revelation of the Minister’s irrational views, he talks of ‘good science’ confirming what God has revealed in scripture. If he wanted to discover the natural occurrence of homosexuality across species (protected or otherwise) there is plenty of ‘good science’ out there. To lambast those who say that homosexuality is not a choice or sexual preference is flying in the face of scientific research.

The nature or nurture debate has not been resolved, but there is enough biological evidence to suggest that choice is not the deciding factor.


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