I’ve had my three score years

jd 60 qub     The party’s over, but it’s not yet time to call it a day. Three score is the new two score, and I will be detoxing and going to the gym any day now to rebuff my physique.

Do I feel 5 years short of a pensioner? No, because the numbers don’t register with me any particular outlook or stereotype. There are old codgers at 30 who would bore you to tears with property prices, motoring mechanics and sports stats, and youngsters in their 70s who create the party that all the cool cats wants to be at (oh yeah baby!)

My friends are typically 20 or 30 years younger than me, but that has never been an issue. The fact that I now qualify for free public transport is a plus in my book. The knees are creaking a bit, so I may have to get replacements. Alternatively, once I have delivered the 40 pound baby gestating in my gut, the lighter load might put the spring back into my step.

The celebrations were surprising and relaxing. Work colleagues pulled out all the stops and I was touched by four poems read to me at break time. Pizza and vino in the evening followed by more cake and candles made the perfect family occasion. Identity Theft was a pleasant enough movie to round off the evening at home.


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