Garden of lushness

018Our youngest has been busy again in the garden. He has built a serpentine path with grass underneath the leafy arch. He also made his own plant feed with nettle juice that stank like seawage, but did the trick – the grass is now thick and verdant. Raised beds, vegetable patch and compost heap have been created. The garden furniture is being crafted out of old wooden bunk beads and the strawberries are getting redder.

I climbed a ladder to give our bushes/trees a crop – they will have to be cut right back in the winter, I can’t reach the topmost branches even with a ladder. The ladder had a weight limit of 95 kilos – sadly I have exceeded that weight limit, so I didn’t hang about on the upper rungs.

The parasol is being used to dry socks and smalls whilst our summer weather is proving showery. Weekends are my time for sitting out in the shade with a glass of something, some marinated olives and a good book. At the moment I am enjoying George Pelecanos’ The Way Home.

Unfortunately our mower is dead, the strimmer will have to do for a bit. I could try borrowing from neighbours, but once you start that malarkey who knows where it would end? I like to pull up the drawbridge and relax in my own jungle.

The lilies our son planted in the front of the house have really taken off and are in their prime right now.


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