This is an amazing city that we have only just started to explore. Our 3-bedroomed apartment has a panoramic view of the bay and the range of mountains over the other side.

Our street has travelators, escalators and a funicular cabin that takes passengers on the final 20 metres of the steep gradient to the top.

You get a bird’s eye view from there of the narrow streets, little bars every few metres and high-rise apartment blocks all the way around this valley.

In the afternoon we went to the maritime museum. It shows the rise of the Cantabrian fleets in times of peace to land huge catches of fish, and in times of war to take on the French and British navies.

The seawater is quite clear around the museum and we watched young swimmers who were not put off by a bit of rain.

In the basement of the museum there is an impressive aquarium with rays, sharks and a wide variety of local fish.


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