Holiday horror


The miscreant accompanied us on our family holiday to France and Spain this year. All went well until he tried to make a break for freedom out of a 1st floor kitchen window.

Santander (Northern Spain) was throbbing with Friday night adrenaline at 1 am and our fellow was in his cups listening to the loud revelry in the streets below our apartment block.

We had all gone to bed and locked the front door. Not to be denied his place at the party, the inebriate launched himself to try and reach the walkway. It had rained, the small ledge was wet and angled down. He hadn’t a hope of success.

He fell onto the concrete and his brother rescued him after rousing our assistance. His howls of pain made us phone for an ambulance. So began the saga of varying diagnoses from 2-3 weeks and he’ll be fine to 5-6 weeks bed rest and no elevation beyond 45 degrees. Lung trauma, oxygen mask and two weeks of anxiety left us bedraggled

Having shelled out £8,200 for the air ambulance service (why would he renew his travel insurance?), we got him back to the Royal in Belfast. They diagnosed minor fractures and physiotherapy that could begin immediately. In other words, a commercial flight would have been possible…



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