Deluge and dodgy roofer

flat roofOur semi-detached house was built by Wimpy in the 70s and has sections of the roof over the bedrooms on the 1st floor that are flat. Flat roofs might be alright for turfing and roof gardens, but are pretty useless at shifting rainwater.

Wimpy may not have realised how much rain falls in these parts, but my guess is that some nitwit architect costed extending the tiled roof, against a bit of flat roof at each end of the house, and won the admiration of the bean counters.

30-40 years later and there are several cracks that have been patched up. At the weekend the rain found its way into our bedroom via the overhead light fitting. At 5 am I am rarely at my best, but luckily the leak dripped onto my wife’s side of the bed, so my rest was only disturbed by the exclamations of dismay nearby.

The room has now been rearranged and a bucket collected the smallish amount of water. Obviously any amount of water running down your light fittings is going to cause alarm, so we contacted three roofers to quote for the necessary repairs.

So far, a gentleman who arrived promptly this morning quoted a huge sum, and suggested we fiddle the house insurance to pay for his inflated quote…people are odd aren’t they?


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