Numb nose and a good heart

gold crowned teethMy dentist is a thoroughly decent fellow, I have inherited my father’s teeth, which means that my mouth is full of crowns. Crowns and a fondness for sweets do not go well together. This year I have had extensive work done on my teeth and crowns under the NHS.

Having reached the maximum amount of crown work allowable under the NHS this year, my dentist has re-attached a gold crown using a fine pin and some bolstering of the decayed tooth. This work cost me £62.68. Private dental work usually costs an arm and a leg, so I was delighted to have been charged such a reasonable amount.

The numbness in my left nostril and upper left palate will not spoil the pint at lunchtime with my good friend, DC.

This had to be postponed until the evening, and a fine occasion it was listening to traditional Irish music and knocking back some Guinness and Irish whiskey.


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