I’m a Type 2 kind of guy

Fat people of the world unite. I have seen the light, or rather the book (because I’m a bookie, no that’s not right) Dr Michael Mosley is my new guru. The 8-week blood sugar diet is a book packed with hope and inspiration for prediabetics and Type 2 diabetics everywhere.

I got my Type 2 diagnosis in the summer and kept it quiet for a good while as I contemplated blindness, toe amputations and heart failure. It didn’t help to know that my lifestyle had caused my obesity and diabetes.

OK, I haven’t actually started the diet yet. but I am full of good intentions. My better half is already following the guru’s other dietary regime, 5:2. So this would be a similar change to my eating habits, with the objective of normalising my blood sugar levels and possibly reversing my diabetes.

I attended a couple of seminars at the Bradbury Centre for diabetics led by an experienced nurse and a dietician. They presented the medical facts and encouraged healthy eating and weight loss, but offered no hope of reversing the condition.

I am already aware of a lack of sensitivity in my feet and have had an eye test to check my retina (seems ok). The lethargy and irregular sleep pattern were all symptoms of diabetes. If you need to get rid of insulin, you urinate more and sweat more. The extra fruit I was eating for energy might have been a step in the right dietary direction, but losing the belly is going to take willpower.

I should start a facebook group for Dr Mosley fans… maybe there already is one. Move over Hairy Bikers there’s a doctor in the house…check out Trust me I’m a doctor





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