Day one – BSD

Q1.  How much weight do I plan to lose?

A1.  About 3-4 stone (40-60  pounds) – 10-15% of my body weight =approx 30 pounds

Q2  Where can I get a digital blood sugar monitor?

A2.  Boots has a mobile tester for £30

Go M-Plan – eat the Mediterranean way (lowish carbs)


Small bowl (for me) of porridge

2 mugs of tea (Earl Grey  and Camomile)

Early bird coffee:

1 double espresso

Mid morning break:

1 double espresso


  • nothing – bike shop for lubrication of chain and a natter with Austin


1 mug of Earl Grey tea

Drink after work:

  • nope – that’s tomorrow – I’ll go and get the blood glucose checker from Boots


Quorn curry

After Dinner:

Carrots, pickled gherkins

After 10pm:

houmus and crackers





Not a bad day (except for the tail end).





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