It’s just another day

I forgot how boring it was to read blogs that itemise the trivia in people’s lives. My apologies. The BSD is what it says on the tin, a diet. If I have become one of those bloggers that types out their eating habits thinking that other people might be interested, something is seriously wrong with my powers of reasoning.

An executive board meeting was held in the Speakeasy bar yesterday with an old colleague. The outcome was pleasing, although no minutes were recorded. Over sparkling water we discussed the recent activities of and the pros and cons of online payment methods.

You will be forgiven for thinking “so far so boring“. This prelude was necessary to set the scene for an exciting night out. Sitting in a dark room surrounded by other couples, my wife and I gorged on crap and stared at a large screen filled with dramatic images. Yes, we actually went to the movies together and had a bucket of salted popcorn.

Young fit things ran about in the woods after an alien invasion. They did this for quite a while until the moral of the tale could be told, love is real. Wow! I managed to stay awake and distribute M&Ms when the popcorn experience became too revolting. I lost points for choosing salted rather than sweet popcorn, but redeemed myself a bit by offering my coat to provide additional warmth to my better half.

My new gizmo proved tricky to operate after 10pm, but I persevered and pricked three fingers to get blood spots onto a cassette thingy on my Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose Monitor System. The reading was 10.6. I have no idea what that means, but will continue to record my blood glucose levels until all is revealed.




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